So I was just looking up reference pictures for the biolizard, who, for those of you who aren’t Sonic nerds: picture a dinosaur with no eyes or teeth, stubby forelimbs and oddly-shaped lump fins for back limbs, and its entire neck and torso is covered with gills that it can’t breathe through and thus is relying on a bulky, invasive life-support system to exist.

Got that mental image?

I have discovered that people drew anthropomorphic versions of it.

With boobs.

They will put boobs on anything.


No I don’t really get this either. Function before form, people. 


some fun sex tropes:

  • laughing during sex
  • and/or things going wrong during sex that leads to laughter
  • sex on a countertop/tabletop/sink because we couldn’t wait to get somewhere with cushions
  • kissing to stay quiet
  • biting to stay quiet
  • one person meticulously doing something entirely for the other’s benefit without expectation or need of reciprocation
  • "wow i did not know that was A Thing for me until right now and i’m totally fine with that but for the love of god keep doing it"
  • someone straddling the other while they’re “trying to read” and slowly getting them to put the book away
  • "you’re only allowed to sit there and watch until i tell you otherwise"
  • kissing anywhere but the lips
  • alternatively, touching anywhere but where the person desperately wants to be touched
  • "we couldn’t find a condom so we’re getting each other off in other ways" sex
  • anything involving the secretive brushing of fingertips against inner thighs in public spaces
  • sex with clothes half on/panties still on
  • the pleasant misuse of ties
  • sleepy morning kisses that accidentally turn intense
Do you usually think and/or dream in Spanish or English? Or is it a little of both?


I think in English most of the time! And also read, write and speak (to myself). I try to live in English since I have no other ways to practice it really. But, of course, Spanish is the first language here, so I have to use it as well.

As for dreaming, I think it’s both! People have told me that sometimes I talk in my sleep in both languages haha. I think it’s pretty cool!


babe can i show you my d*ck 




girls: spank me i’ve been naughty

me: its okay we all make mistakes 



Okami (requested by lostaria)

Times are getting desperate in my town.

Times are getting desperate in my town.



looking at egyptian gods


ya know

nothing big


How to shoot down every antifeminist argument
Argument: Feminists can't even agree on what feminism is!! Weh weh I bet you can't even define it, can you?
Response: Feminism is the advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. While different feminists have different schools of thought, that does not lessen the overall mission. For example, there are many schools of thought within Buddhism but that does not mean its beliefs are any less valuable.
Argument: Okay but if it's about equality, why is it called FEMINism hmm???
Response: Because women are currently not being treated equally to men, and improving things for one group of people doesn't make things worse for another group of people. For example, if I donate money to the children in Uganda, that does not mean I am making things worse for the children in Ukraine. It probably just so happens that the kids in Uganda need it more urgently. Your concern about the word feminism is in fact shock at the fact that women could have the audacity to name a word after themselves.
Argument: Okay but men have problems too!!
Response: Yes, they do, just like every group of people. And while sexism towards men is not institutionalized like misogyny is, feminists usually do more for men's rights than antifeminists do. Feminists acknowledge the gender roles that hurt both men and women (the demonizing of femininity and condemnation of men to a narrow image of masculinity).
Argument: But women are treated equally to men now! That is so outdated! Tell me one right men have that women don't.
Response: Your belief that women are treated equally to men is incredibly myopic and focused on the Western society. In most countries around the world, baby girls are being killed because their parents want males, women are being jailed and sometimes executed for being raped, others are forced to marry their rapist, domestic abuse towards women is seen as "educating" them, little girls are being shot in the head for seeking a real education, and I could go on forever. But since you clearly only care about the Western society, here's a list of things that happens to women in it: they are shamed for being open about their sexualities, they are objectified on a mass scale in the media to the extent that even women view themselves as sex objects, old white men are constantly trying to take away their reproductive rights, there is a rape culture that women live in with terror, they are blamed for their own rape, their bodies are viewed as liabilities that they must hide despite their will for self-expression, and so on.






i’m so upset

I just realized that the reason ghosts say Boo! is because it’s a latin verb

they’re literally saying ‘I alarm/I am alarming/I do alarm!!

I can’t

present active boōpresent infinitive boāreperfect active boāvīsupine boātum



if it comes from the latin word, they’re actually saying “I’M YELLING!” which is even cuter

do they speak latin because it’s a dead language

Real talk I get it people will make porn of literally any character but there are those characters where when I encounter porn of them it just BURNS MY BISCUITS RIGHT WELL. 

130,565 plays




ok the gravity falls theme is cool backwards without even considering the spooky reverse whispering

Posting this on this page again for the “Three Letters Back” part.

And because wow this is so cool.



Egoraptor/Arin Hanson (2014)


By the way did I ever tell you guys that I had an idea for a series that was kind of like Hetalia except that instead of countries, the characters all represented different branches of science? So there was Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy, Psychology, ect.

Long story short, because of that, I always personify Physics as banging Chemistry. Also it allowed me to get alot of science jokes out of my system.

radioactivesupersonic said: I had an idea like that except for different body parts. The Heart was really short and kept yelling at people but since he was hanging from the ceiling he couldn’t do much.     ///     Personifying things is super fun the world is at agreement.